Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Klickitat Trail

The Klictitat Trail is a 31 mile trail between the Washington towns of Lyle and Klictitat which became a recreational trail after being right of way for a disused rail line.   There are many trailheads, and we chose to begin at the Fisher Hill Bridge trailhead and walked a while towards Klictitat.  This section of the trail turns away from roads and meanders along the edge of the Klictitat River.  It's a small river but it's definitely mighty!  It was a pretty warm day, but jumping in the river looked like a positively terrifying idea.  We passed by the Lyle Falls Fishway and Research Facility and found their "screw trap", a tool used to help them count salmon.  We lingered for a while at a swampy area where a camas field was in full bloom. The camas field was positively hopping with tiny lizards, invisible to the eye until they moved.  

We found some gelatinous blobs in a shallow puddle in the middle of the trail.  What are they?!?!  I have a challenge for you! Check out the photos in this post. If you know, please post a comment. I was able to get help from a local naturalist who tipped me off to their identity, but I have to admit I was mystified! 
Prairie star.
Klictitat River.
Fence lizard.
Fence lizard.
Fence lizard.
Belted kingfisher.
This is the puddle were we found the strange blobs!
What are they?!?!
Blobs under the water.
Tadpole (Pacific chorus frogs?).
The screw trap.
Naked broomrape.
Popcorn flower.

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