Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seaside Aquarium

On a lovely sunny day, we headed out to Seaside to enjoy the coast.  We wandered on the beach and then visited the Seaside Aquarium, one of our favorite places on the coast.  They are a small aquarium that delights especially with their small animals, which makes them a unique place to visit. They have a small group of captive bread harbor seals, and visitors can feed them fish.  The day we visited was a sleepy weekday, and the seals were excited to see us arrive with some fish.  They obviously have humans well trained.  They clapped and barked and put up a fuss until they were fed, which captivated Jasper.  The animals here are all Pacific Ocean natives, and it's always surprising to me to glimpse the startling diversity of life just offshore.
Tube worms. Photo by Jasper.
Tube worms. Photo by Jasper.
Tube worm and anemone. Photo by Jasper.
Touch pool crab. Photo by Jasper.
Jasper took this neat video of some of the tube worms in their touch pool.

Brittle sea stars.
Squid egg case.
China rockfish.
Giant plumose anemone.
Brittle sea stars.
Giant Pacific octopus.
Moon jelly polyps.
Tiny baby moon jellies.
Nudibranch eggs.
Opalescent nudibranch.
Shaggy mouse nudibranch.
Baby squids. (Teeny weeny! Can you spot them?)
Baby sea stars.

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