Friday, June 24, 2016

Salmonberry Trail

The Salmonberry Trail is what remains of an 84-mile rail line stretching from Banks to Tillamook, which was severely damaged in a storm in 2007.  Plans to restore rail service have been permanently abandoned, but plans to turn it into a hiking and biking trail are still gathering steam. We recently checked out another section of the Salmonberry Trail on the Wolf Creek Trestle hike, one of the accessible portions of the trail which is fairly close to Portland. While returning from the coast, we decided to check out another portion of the trail from the Salmonberry Trailhead.  It was a day when the temperature was in the mid-60s on the coast, in the mid-80s at the trailhead, and in the mid-90s in Portland.  This portion of the trail proved to be in way better shape than the Wolf Creek Trestle section.  Fewer encroaching trees meant less shade and we had to give up after a while.  The river looked very inviting.  The guide book 100 Hikes / Travel Guide: Oregon Coast and Coast Range by William L. Sullivan details where public land begins and where swimming holes can be found. I definitely hope to return to do more exploring in cooler weather.

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