Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wolf Creek Trestle

I find the Wolf Creek Trestle hike to be very intriguing because I like ruins, tunnels and trestles.  This is a short stretch of the Salmonberry Rail line.  Tracks went from Tillamook to Banks, but suffered badly from storm damage in 2007 and was deemed much too expensive to repair. Efforts are underway to make it into a trail suitable for hiking and biking, much like the Banks-Vernonia Trail.   I can only imagine an 84-mile car-free and very scenic trail from just outside Portland all the way to the coast would be phenomenally successful and a huge tourist draw, but they still need to raise funds to make it happen. (Willamette Week recently ran an article which explains some of the challenges.) Elevation gain is minimal and it's an easy hike. We set out to explore on a lovely day.  We didn't get as far as I'd hoped because the first big trestle gave my husband the heebie-jeebies. It was a long way down, with gaps to navigate and no guarantee of structural integrity. But we did get to check out one of the tunnels and we saw some beautiful wildflowers. 

Bleeding hearts.
A mill pond near the trailhead.
Star-flowered false Solomon's seal.
Black gooseberry.
Bleeding heart.
Wood sorrel.
Piggyback plant.
Red flowering currant.
Black gooseberry.
California figwort.
Star flowered false Solomon's seal.

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