Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trail of Two Forests

The Trail of Two Forests at Mt. St. Helens is a really cool stroll around a boardwalk through a forest dotted with tree casts.  The tree casts were made long ago when lava oozed through a forest, hardening around the trees before burning them up.  Vertical holes are left in the rock where trees once stood, and horizontal holes are left where logs lay.  Two connecting tree casts are accessible for anyone who wants to crawl through them.  Naturally the tunnels are a big hit with kids of all ages. Adults will find the tunnels wide enough, but the floor is a bit rough on the knees!  The boardwalk is short and directly next to the parking area, so it's a must to stop by if you're in the area to visit the Ape Cave, June Lake, or Lava Canyon. We never miss it when we go there. 

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