Sunday, September 4, 2016

Devil's Peak

Devil's Peak at Mt. St. Helens is a short hike to a fire tower with great views.  The Devil's Peak fire tower is no longer in active duty for fire fighters, but is maintained by volunteers. It is available to overnight campers on a first come, first served basis.  A short distance from the trailhead is Kinzel Lake, which is surrounded by unusual flowers and lots and lots of carnivorous sundew plants.  Sundews trap insects in sticky drops that form on their leaves, and slowly digest them.  So cool!  So you may wonder why this spectacular destination is nearly always deserted when we visit.  The answer is that the roads are completely unmaintained and are truly awful!  The nine unmaintained miles typically take us an hour, and are definitely off limits to anyone without a high clearance vehicle.  If you can get there, you should!

White-veined wintergreen.
Tiger lily.
Red columbine.
Washington lily.
Devil's Peak fire tower.
Inside the fire tower.
Another view inside the fire tower.
Slate-colored junco.
Instable long horned beetle on northern desert buckwheat.
Pearly everlasting.
Scouler's harebell.
Prince's pine.
White bog orchid.
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King's scepter gentian with a splendid flower crab spider.
Round leaf sundew.
Great burnet.
Round-leaf sundew with ant victims.
Kinzel lake.
Marsh cinquefoil.
White bog orchid.
Fringed grass of Parnassus. 
White bog orchid.

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Julia Hebner said...

I remember this site from one of your previous posts. Someday maybe I will get to see it for myself -- maybe even spend the night!