Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sauvie Island Spaceship

I heard about the Sauvie Island Spaceship and knew we just had to check it out!  The Raptor Road Trip seemed like the perfect opportunity.  The Spaceship is at Collins Beach, which has two drawbacks.  You must have a wildlife area parking permit to park there, and I was pleased that the daily permit is included in the fee for the Raptor Road Trip.  Also, Collins Beach is a nude beach. I was betting that in February, no one would be taking advantage of this particular freedom, and I was right!  We were free to explore it at our leisure.  The spaceship itself is the hull of a legendary boat, and there's a short news story on it here and more detailed history here. Most of the pictures I've seen of it online show it in a much less decorated condition.  Now the graffiti alone makes it fun to see. You can climb into it, somewhat precariously, and take a look through its round portholes.  We parked at the first parking area designated for Collins Beach and easily found the Spaceship down the beach a little to the left. We were glad we took the time to take in this quirky piece of Portlandia.


Nicki Mann said...

That looks really cool! I would like to see it when I get to Portland. But how did it get there?

Laura Lucanidae said...

I don't know! Maybe it was deposited there after a flood? Another mystery!

Anonymous said...

The flood of 96 knocked out from it's mooring nearby. With any hope, well be getting this back in the water this year