Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bricks Cascade

Union Station PDX by Thomas Prill.

For local Lego lovers, the annual Bricks Cascade convention is not to be missed!  We were especially excited because we heard that Alice Finch's amazing Hogwarts would be on display, and indeed it was there in all its splendor.  (I took some pictures, but her own photos on Flickr are amazing!)  I expected it would blow everything else on display out of the water, and was surprised to see other artists had equally mind-blowing builds to share.  This wonderful convention definitely creates excitement for the huge potential of Lego as a creative medium.
Flitwick's charms class.
Greenhouse #3.
Boy's dormatory.
The Hungarian horntail.
Dumbledore's office.
Grand staircase.
Quidditch field.
The Fortress at Helm's Deep by Steve Poulsen, from the front...
...and the back!  Pretty neat!
Isengard-the Orc Forge by Cody Ottley
The Wizard of Oz by Travis Levi Murphy
The Green Dragon by Alice Finch.
Small Hobbit Farm by Michael Kuroda.
Hobbiton Mill by Alice Finch.
Voodoo Doughnuts by Maddison Stapleton.  (I know, this makes sense
only if you've been there.)
Heart in Oregon by Maddison Stapleton.

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