Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jackson Bottom Wetlands

We knew it would be an auspicious day when we headed to Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve when we saw our first ladybug in a long, long time right outside our door.  And indeed the wetland was lovely!  Inside they have a gift shop which has a really great selection of books, as well as other nifty items.  And they have a really awesome nature education room with excellent displays.  My favorite part is the native critters they have in tanks.  They have western toads, which I understand are quite common but somehow I've never seen in the wild.  They also have red-legged frogs, Pacific chorus frogs, rough skinned newts, a gopher snake, and a rubber boa. They also have a wonderful collection of bird nests, including a real bald eagle nest which is the centerpiece of the room.  Jackson Bottom offers field trips that are  available to homeschoolers, and also offers free monthly classes in various nature education topics at the Hillsboro Library on the third Monday of each month. These classes are excellent.  They have a brief classroom component,  and unless the weather is truly awful, they take advantage of the surprisingly interesting nature trails behind the library.     

Scrub jay.
Long-toed salamander.
Long-toed salamander.
Red-winged blackbird.
Great blue heron.
Great blue heron- what dramatically long toes!
There were many killdeer speeding through the grass. 

Northern pintail behinds.
Western toad in their nature center.
Red-legged frog.
Pacific chorus frog.

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