Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pond Water

Hyalella scud.
We borrowed a quart of water from a vernal pool, and brought it home to see who might be living in it. Jasper's handy Brock microscope and a medicine dropper enabled us to see a whole hidden universe.  We both found it absolutely astonishing to glimpse the density of life in such a small sample.  These animals are not easy to identify.  The book Pond Life (Golden Guide) is definitely helpful.  Towards the bottom of this post are four movies of these critters in motion.
Pacific chorus frog tadpole.
Larva of a predacious diving beetle- AKA water tiger- identified for us by the splendid guy at!
A flatworm.  Notice its eyespots at the top of its head.
We think this is an egg mass of some sort?
I am guessing that this is a kind of caddis fly larva.

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BethAnne Strong said...

Great post! This year will be our first year actually studying the wetlands near our home. I will show this to the girls in order to excite them about the topic. THANKS!