Monday, March 25, 2013

Egg Mass Surveys

Jasper and I have been doing amphibian egg mass surveys for the City of Gresham.  (Pictures from our first survey are here.)  We have been watching the changes at our survey site with fascination.  Here are pictures from our last two surveys. We are starting to see more and more visible embryos inside the eggs, and a few Pacific chorus frog tadpoles.  At the end is a video I made after several hours of surveying (and changing Jasper into mud-free attire!).  There's nothing much to see, but the sun was sinking and the chorus frogs were making their presence known in a BIG way.

Pacific chorus frog eggs.
Long-toed salamanders.
Snail eggs.
The shallower of the two ponds on this site.
Red-legged frog eggs.
Red-legged frog eggs.
Lots of snail eggs.
Pacific chorus frogs.
Red-legged frog eggs.
Red-legged frog eggs.
Tiny red-legged frogs.


Anonymous said...

This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing. How are you able to capture those images on camera? What type of camera is it? Thanks.

Laura Lucanidae said...

It's a Canon D20, which is waterproof. We decided to get it for Jasper because he was constantly wanting to borrow my camera. It was hard to share and I was worried he might accidentally damage mine. Because it's waterproof, shockproof (can be dropped up to 5'), dustproof and coldproof, I don't have to watch him constantly when he's using it and don't mind if he shares it with his friends. I didn't think it would matter much if it was waterproof except as a precaution against spilled water bottles, etc. but he uses it constantly in ponds. And the ponds are colder than the temperature at which a normal camera would function. Its lense isn't quite as good as mine (I have a Canon SX30IS) but we've been pleased with the quality of its pictures. Now I sometimes borrow Jasper's camera!